Help build a better world

We exist to spread ideas and insights that build a better world. Our 4 step roadmap is the plan forward. Join us.

Step one: spread ideas

We send out 1 new idea every week. Free, forever. We do this because ideas cost nothing, but they change how we see.

We're guided by our 3 principles:

1. Advance radical generosity

Generosity is good for us, individually, and collectively. We want to see how far we can take the ideas of generosity. This is baked in to our model - we are dependent on community support. We donate 50% of profits. More to come as we grow.

2. New, different or better?

Our measure of success is articles that help inspire new, different or better thought for readers in our key areas of exploration.

3. Remember the pale blue dot

When trying to do good, it pays to remember the pale blue dot. Act as if the future of everything depends on what you do, while laughing at yourself for thinking whatever you do could ever make a difference (Buddhist Proverb).

'The planet is a lonely speck in the great enveloping cosmic dark.' - Carl Sagan.

Step two: radical generosity

Because of our commitment to free forever, we are dependent upon the support of generous community members. We ask that if we have helped you to think new, different or better thought, that you support the site. We offer three tiers of support:

  1. Free, forever: Access to the full site and new content delivered to your inbox.
  2. Community: Contribute to our future roadmap, exclusives as we grow.
  3. Sponsorship: Everything in community. Support universal access to our ideas. Prominent feature/shout-outs in newsletters. Exclusive events as we grow.

In return, we will:

  1. Donate 50% of profits to causes you care about.*
  2. Reserve 50% of profits to build a perpetual capital vehicle that funds social impact.
  3. Commit random acts of generosity along the way, as a thank you for yours.

*All paying supporters will receive a quarterly email to vote on causes.

Step three: give in public

We believe people are more likely to do something when they see others doing it. This applies not just to giving, but broadly across many areas of life. As the famous saying goes, you can't be what you can't see.

We will update this space to make our donations public, when we have made them.

Step four: decide what's next

Together, we decide what's next. Here's some of our ideas:

  1. Start a community giving circle.
  2. Build an impact fund (this is not a solicitation for investment).
  3. Launch a documentary podcast on 'how to do good,' featuring our community, well, trying to do good.
We ask that if we have helped you to think new, different, or better thought, that you support the site with a membership. Your support allows us to continue to exist. 50% of profits are donated to causes you care about, and the remaining 50% reserved to build a perpetual capital vehicle so we can, together, contemplate the ideas in step 4.


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