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Dec 11
Interruptions from 'real life'
Nov 06
The Beginning of Infinity
Oct 24
To get the sunset, give in to it
Sep 11
Against the instinct of addition
Aug 15
Risk is agency
Aug 07
Traffic is inevitable
Jul 17
Humanity's permanent problem
Jun 26
The hardest changes risk your identity
Jun 05
Difference is possibility
May 12
The world does not shrink to fit your perception
Apr 20
Judging people for themselves
Apr 13
Balance is an active toggle
Jan 22
Hope in the face of an inevitable future
Jan 20
Myths soothe the world
Jan 20
Practical Idealism
Jan 20
Money is not the goal
Jan 20
Comparing wealth is the thief of life
Jan 20
To live or to spend time?
Jan 19
Money is Congealed Energy