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Feb 14
Finding without seeking
Jan 23
Copernicus was 1000 years late
Nov 13
The Meaning Crisis
Oct 30
The Elephant is Soft and Mushy
Jul 31
The easiest path is not the one of least resistance
Jul 10
Electricity as old as germ theory
Jul 03
Dark matter was discovered late
Jun 12
No one believes in potatoes
May 29
Yelling about the ceilings
May 21
Appreciating time
Apr 06
The future is the starting point
Mar 30
Making sense of the world
Jan 22
Taking time for thought
Jan 22
Hope in the face of an inevitable future
Jan 20
Myths soothe the world
Jan 20
Wishes set the future in motion
Jan 20
Practical Idealism
Jan 20
To live or to spend time?