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Why young thinking

At face value, having 'young' as an area of exploration seems, well, rather odd. The ideas and insights in this publication do not only apply to young people. In fact, most of our readers are, chronologically at least, not young by your usual standards. This is also not to say that youth is superior (it's not).

Other than the fact that we think it sounds catchy and that the writers of this publication are in fact rather young, what follows is the legitimate basis for 'young' as an exploration area. These are:

  1. The Buddhist concept of 'Beginner's mind' or Shoshin, which is typically best explained in reference to children.
  2. Life is long if you know how to use it - regardless of current age. Young people are assumed to have the most time, which makes it a helpful reminder.
  3. Biological age as distinct from chronological age. Ever met someone chronologically old who embodied a youthful spirit, had boundless energy and was fitter than most others?

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